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5 Inside Secrets a Property Investment Group Knows

Sometimes investors weigh up whether it’s more beneficial to operate solo, or partner with a property group. The deciding factor may in fact lie in the inside secrets that property groups – just like us – know and use to everyone’s advantage.

The fact that all investors – from old hands to those still a little green – need to have a team of financial advisors and mortgage brokers, conveyancers and lawyers, buyer’s agents and valuers by their side is a given.

But it’s property investment companies that seamlessly collaborate all of that talent into an effective group, to have access to resources and knowledge that other industry professionals simply can’t.

A property investment group performs multiple services, typically helping clients to build a strategy, to structure and organise finance, source properties and assist with the transaction.

If you’ve ever wondered if you should use a property investment group, you should know the one major selling point that might tip the balance:

Property investment groups have inside information, and they’re not afraid to use it.

  1. They know that many heads – and many arms – are better than one.

A property investment group is typically made up of multiple professional services. Here at Hyland Investments, we have a team of property experts, financial planners, mortgage brokers, property managers, SMSF experts and even project managers for developments.

(Not all property groups are equal in this regard, and you should do your due diligence on the services they offer before partnering with them.)

Having so many heads in the game not only diversifies the scope of knowledge available, it means that the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing. Traditionally, an investor would ping-pong between experts, relaying information and trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Property groups and clients benefit from an in-built, collaborative team, which results in a more seamless strategy rollout.

  1. They know how to source better property deals than you can.

This is where the concern about cost comes undone. If you’ve ever thought that hiring someone to help with your next property purchase was a waste of money, you haven’t heard about this next inside secret of property investment groups:

Their relationships with people in the business typically provide discounts that result in a greater profit for you, even with the service cost factored in.

Property groups that constantly deal in every facet of the real estate business build relationships with builders and sellers, giving them access to new properties before they even hit the market. Then there are relationships with town planners and government departments, which keeps them continually up to date with new infrastructure changes.

They’ve also simultaneously got their eye on every movement of the real estate market, interest rate changes and forecasts, bank lending policy changes, superannuation funds, and much more.

Essentially, property investment groups are networking professionals with access to exclusive resources and knowledge across a variety of sectors, all of which impact the path your strategy will take.

  1. Strength in numbers gives them greater scope to offer unique opportunities

When you combine a team of experts from all industries with a clientele of determined investors, there are many more opportunities available. An excellent example is volume discounting, which we have been offering at Hyland Investments with great success. We undertake the research on a new development project, negotiate a bulk deal with the builders, and invite multiple small investors to join financial forces and purchase premium properties at discounted prices.

Not only is this an incredible mechanism for buying off-the-plan properties at low risk, it’s also an excellent way for first time investors to get into the market safely and without needing equity from other properties.

Volume discounting is just one unique approach to investing; another great example is purchasing properties through Self Managed Super Funds, which property groups like Hyland Investments can offer as part and parcel of your big-picture investment strategy.

  1. They have an incredible pool of historical data to draw from.

Unlike industry professionals who specialise in individual services, a property group sees each client from their first step into the office, to well into the future if the client uses their property management services.

This ‘go to woah’ client history gives property groups the ability to see what’s happening long term and from a birds eye perspective; this enables property groups to implement time-proven strategies and maximise profits for everyone involved.

  1. They can cut through the chaff and get to the chase.

The ‘chaff’ is where many investors come unstuck. Finding the right property while searching hundreds of misleading listings, attending unfruitful inspections, dealing with real estate agents and negotiating prices can be incredibly time consuming, especially if you’re chasing equity in under-market valued properties.

The biggest inside secret a property group has is that they are the insiders. They’re operating on a level regular investors simply can’t, because of their privileged role in the mechanism that is property investment.

Simply put, most investors are on the outside looking in – property groups are on the inside, looking deeper.

As a property investment group that offers incredible diversity in its services, Hyland Investments is not only an industry authority, but a team that actively seeks to create new opportunities for investors to thrive and expand their portfolio.

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