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What is Turnkey Investment?

Turnkey investment refers to the practice of buying property, with turnkey investment companies designed to assist such investors to locate excellent opportunities. The vital element of a successful investment is property management, according to Forbes’ Noel Christopher.

It can be the difference between profit and loss… when interviewing turnkey operators, ask if they will be managing your property. If so, find out how they handle maintenance and how they will communicate with you as the owner. This leads us to the final consideration to weigh when choosing a firm to invest with.

The pros and cons of utilising a turnkey provider and the company you choose needs to be carefully weighed and selected but there is no doubt that real estate can be a very lucrative asset.

There’s one thing you typically don’t learn until you are at least halfway into building a home: there are a lot of people involved in the project! Often, it’s difficult to know who to talk to about your concerns, who to liaise with for updates or how to know whether things are progressing as they should. That’s where our project management people can step in!

And we don’t just stop once the house is built. We pride ourselves in being there for you before, during and after your project commences, so you have expert guidance and support throughout the life of your investment property.

Rest assured that when you work with Hyland Investments, you are in safe hands. To learn more about our project management services, contact us today.

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