Why you should choose

Traditional Property Investment

Do you want to invest in property and grow your wealth, but you don’t know where to start? Investing in residential property is a proven strategy that many Australians use to get ahead financially.

Volume Discount

Have you ever read about multi property owners in magazines, or chatted with a successful investor in real life, and wondered how they achieved such spectacular financial results?

Self Managed Super Fund

Have you ever considered the options available to you when investing through your superannuation fund? Establishing a self managed super fund could give you greater control over your financial future.

Financial Planning that Goes Above and Beyond

Our partners, such as Steve Pollard from Oasis Financial Planning, will never blindly advocate for property without analysing your personal situation first. “The few times we’ve found it’s not appropriate for a client to proceed with an investment property, Hyland’s response has been fantastic,” Steve says. “To their credit, they go further by asking me to assist by educating the client to improve their situation.” Learn more about Steve in this short video:

Degree-Qualified Mortgage Brokers for Financial Success

When we asked experienced mortgage broker Tony Duncan to work with our clients at Hyland Investments, he recognised that our values align. “We treat each client with their future plans in mind, as opposed to looking at the immediate gain,” Tony says. “It’s about building the relationship long-term.” Learn more about Tony in this short video:

Additional Services

  • Finance Structure

    We are proud to offer our clients a fully integrated financial services model that ensures a cohesive approach to all finance, loans and insurance needs.

  • Accounting

    When creating wealth for your future, an important part of the puzzle is working with an experienced accountant who can help you reach your goals sooner.

  • Financial Planning

    Our financial planning specialists offer a range of services throughout the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and the rest of Australia to help people just like you access professional, unbiased, affordable financial planning advice.

  • Risk Management

    Our services and advice are extended to people in many different financial and lifestyle situations. However, we can usually separate the people we help into two age groups…

  • Project Management

    There’s one thing you typically don’t learn until you are at least halfway into building a home: there are a lot of people involved in the project!

  • Novated Vehicle Leases

    Did you know that it’s not just high-income earners or the self employed who can benefit from novated leases?

  • Fully Licenced Real Estate Agency

    In addition to myriad other financial and property services, Hyland Investments is the parent company to Hyland Real Estate, a licensed Real Estate Agency.

  • First Home Buyers

    We love the idea of helping people get their foot on the property ladder and start using their money wisely for their future.  Our team of friendly geeks work hard with people just like you to help them get started with their first home so why not give us a try?

What people who have worked with us have to say

We would absolutely go through the process with Hyland again! They have the perfect team where everything from A to Z works perfectly.

Tony & MarieAcacia Ridge

With the property market growing the way it is, the house is in the right location, I can only see that it will increase in value and start giving me other options for my retirement.

RosKangaroo Point

We’ve just had our investment property valued and since completion 4 months ago we’ve had a gain of just over $50,000 which is very good. This is a great way to get a secure future which we didn’t have before.

David & KayeOxley

The Hyland team have been honest and upfront throughout the entire process. We couldn’t see how it could go wrong for us as every step was explained with such clarity it gave us the stamp of approval we needed.

Martin & JillRedcliffe

We put back into the industry what the banks have taken out: personalised service. Contact us now to experience it for yourself!