Single Contract Investment providing excellent performance

This is a high profile suburb with a lot of activity since the train line to Brisbane was extended and the introduction of retailers like Costco & Ikea to the area. We’ve secured a number of townhouse properties for our clients in a boutique townhouse development which is now close to being sold out. This development is suitable for equity and SMSF purchasers alike.

This is an excellent low price point product which is performing above expectations. With the train station just a few minutes’ walk away and a growing population, this will continue to be an excellent investment for our clients.

Simon and Emily secure family home with Hyland and the Government’s First Home Buyer’s Grant

Simon and Emily worked with Hyland using the Queensland Government’s First Home Buyers’ Grant which provided $20,000 towards the purchase of their first home west of Brisbane.

Working closely with the builder, we guided them through the process and they are thrilled with the end result.

The property was well priced and is growing in value so they will be able to use the equity in the future to look at investments to secure their retirement.

Duplex option provides instant equity for Andrew and Marion

These interstate clients bought a duplex pair in the Gold Coast which were completed 2 years ago.

The property is renting at 5.5% and has increased in value by $135,000. All Hyland properties are carefully selected and researched prior to purchase to help to obtain these results for our clients.

As you would expect, the clients are very happy with their purchase and have recommended Hyland to a number of their friends.

SMSF property option for Wendy is proving fruitful

Wendy knew she needed to do something to bolster her funds for retirement but wasn’t sure what she could achieve. After working closely with Hyland she has secured a property in an SMSF fund which is working well and she’s keen to buy again.

Wendy now feels comfortable that her retirement plan is on track and will allow her to concentrate on enjoying her life rather than worrying about her later years.

Two properties provide twice the growth!

Simon and Julie were in the fortunate position to be able to buy two investments properties at once. Carefully selecting the right areas and product to provide a solid investment with excellent growth opportunities has secured a healthy future for this couple.

With equity increasing month on month, they will be able to purchase a third and fourth property in the near future to help with their portfolio growth.

Selecting the right timing for investing is the key

Rachel wanted security in her investment. As a single mum she knew she needed to secure her future and property is an excellent vehicle for this result.

Selecting a new development in a high growth area with an established building company and a proactive property manager who secured a tenant within days of settlement has provided Rachel with the investment that is a set and forget option.

What people who have worked with us have to say

We would absolutely go through the process with Hyland again! They have the perfect team where everything from A to Z works perfectly.

Tony & MarieAcacia Ridge

With the property market growing the way it is, the house is in the right location, I can only see that it will increase in value and start giving me other options for my retirement.

RosKangaroo Point

We’ve just had our investment property valued and since completion 4 months ago we’ve had a gain of just over $50,000 which is very good. This is a great way to get a secure future which we didn’t have before.

David & KayeOxley

The Hyland team have been honest and upfront throughout the entire process. We couldn’t see how it could go wrong for us as every step was explained with such clarity it gave us the stamp of approval we needed.

Martin & JillRedcliffe

We put back into the industry what the banks have taken out: personalised service. Contact us now to experience it for yourself!